Let us... build it for you

small tasks can be time-consuming, let us build these for you,

Lara Zeus provide you with a collection of Laravel packages, that helps you build your site faster and focus on your business

Reasons to use our packages

open source packages in the Laravel ecosystem, which provide you out-of-the-box, with tons of features, and easy customization and scale any of our packages


support rtl, and easy translatable.

SEO Ready

SEO ready with configurable values.


extend and customize any part of our packages.


easy configurable from one file.


there is several events that you may intercept and handle based on your need.

Frontend Ready

simple frontend scaffolding reay to use and easy to customize

our open source packages

Lara Zeus Starter kit

hit the ground running with our starter kit, try it now.

composer create-project Lara-zeus/zeus running

Lara Zeus Bolt is a form builder for your users, with so many use cases.


Lara Zeus Thunder is a ticketing system. with offices, chat, and Frontend Ready.


Lara Zeus Hermes | restaurants and cafés menu managements


Lara Zeus Sky is simple CMS for your website. it includes posts, pages, tags, and categories.


Lara Zeus Wind, is a package provides a simple contact form manger, with the ability to store the messages in the database, and you can reply to them from the dashboard.

rain--heavy Rain

Lara Zeus Rain is a simple way to manage widgets and layout for your website landing page.


Lara Zeus Rhea | lara zeus | a tool that helps you migrate your wordpress blog to zeus sky.


Lara Zeus Artemis | telling a story with a design. Themes for all Lara Zeus packages

and more are coming!

Open source for all

all our packages built with TALL stack , A new way to build rich, reactive web apps

we love the open source community

more packages for you, we are so passionate with open source, we have more for you to try it out

Laravel Umami

API wrapper for umami website analytics. get your stats in your laravel app

Ar Php Laravel

provides a set of tools that enable Arabic website developers to serve professional search, present and process Arabic content in laravel

Tailwindcss Border Sketch

plugin to add Border Sketch Style to tailwindcss

check our other projects from
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Ready to get started? check out the repository on Github

From the Blog

occasional updates about our packages, and sharing some news.