variety of premium plugins

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Free and open source plugins for filament php

Form builder for your users, with so many use cases as a filament plugin, the prefect google forms alternatives

Simple Filamentphp CMS for your website. it includes posts, pages, tags, categories, and more.
With a frontend scaffolding. easy to customize and match your branding.

Contact form for your website with easy to use dashboard.

Group forms component in an Accordion layout

filamentphp component to show a Popover with custom content in tables and infolist

The Input Number component, with user-friendly increment and decrement controls

scatter-matrix Matrix Choice

Multiple choice grid component form for FilamentPHP

filamentPHP column to easily add a chart in table column

QR Code Input to generate QR Code with designing options for filamentPHP

Simple way to manage widgets for your website landing page. and filament dashboard.

infolist layout component to group items with links, icons and badges

same as `laravel new` start your new project with `filament new`

Undertale Tartarus

simple multi tenants with panels

provide extra layer between you app and Filament, don't worry about generic column like timestamps and stuff.

Use Boring Avatars as the default avatar provider in your FilamentPHP v3 application.

a Tool that helps you migrate your wordpress blog to zeus sky.

Telling a story with a design. Themes for all Lara Zeus packages