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Install Lara Zeus Inline Chart by running the following commands in your Laravel project directory.

composer require lara-zeus/inline-chart


Create a New widget:

  • first create a new widget using filament command:

art make:filament-widget MyTableWidgetChart

  • change the extend of the class to use the abstract:


  • available properties:
protected static ?string $maxHeight = '50px';
protected int | string | array $columnSpan = 'full';
protected static ?string $heading = 'Chart';
public ?string $maxWidth = '!w-[150px]';

and you can access the current row record using: $this->record in your chart data:


use it in your table:

\LaraZeus\InlineChart\Tables\Columns\InlineChart::make('last activities')
->maxWidth(350)// int, default 200
->maxHeight(90)// int, default 50