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you are reading the documentation for version v1
to check your version use: composer show lara-zeus/hermes


Lara Zeus bolt is a form builder for your users, with so many use cases included a UI for the frontend built with filament

Demo · Github · Discord


  • 🔥 Built with TALL stack
  • 🔥 Using filament as an admin panel and form builder
  • 🔥 Frontend scaffolding, highly customizable.
  • 🔥 Group the fields with sections, with the option to display them as a wizard
  • 🔥 Categories to organize your forms
  • 🔥 Control the starting and ending dates for submissions
  • 🔥 Email notifications perform
  • 🔥 Confirmation message after submission per form
  • 🔥 Option for requiring login perform
  • 🔥 Limit submissions with one entry for a user (if auth is required only)
  • 🔥 Conditional Visibility for fields.
  • 🔥 Extensions
  • 🔥 Embed the form in sky posts and pages, or as a livewire component.
  • 🔥 Add any field from filament plugins
  • 🔥 Create your field
  • 🔥 Create Custom Collections
  • 🔥 All the options for filament fields are available
  • 🔥 Validation rules for text input
  • 🔥 Collections for datasets
  • 🔥 Multi lang
  • 🔥 Form layouts
  • 🔥 Show responses for each form
  • 🔥 Search in all responses filtering on the dynamic fields
  • 🔥 Set status for each response
  • 🔥 Export or print form with its fields
  • 🔥 Replicate forms with their sections and fields
  • 🔥 Form reports and widgets
  • 🔥 Multiple events ready to listen to
  • 🔥 Show the entries for the users
  • 🔥 List all forms for the users
  • Exam Module: (set correct answer, the mark for each question, autocorrection for all responses, send the mark to the user, and display the result) (soon)
  • Poll Module: (custom layout to show the form as a poll and display the result as a chart) (soon)


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