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you are reading the documentation for version v0 our latest version is v2 make sure to select the correct version.
to check your version use: composer show lara-zeus/bolt

Create Custom Fields

you can add any custom fields you want that available on the filament core or filament plugins.

for example, we want to allow our users to use rating in the forms: first install the package:

composer require yepsua/filament-rating-field

create the field using the following command, passing the Fully qualified names of the form component:

php artisan make:zeus-field \\Yepsua\\Filament\\Forms\\Components\\Rating


bolt will automatically add the field to the form builder. there is a cache for ll fields, so remember to flush the key bolt.fields


check out the contract LaraZeus\Bolt\Fields\FieldsContract and see all the available methods.

available customizations:


you can disable any field temporally by adding:

public bool $disabled = true;

Field title:

public function title(): string
return __(class_basename($this));

fields options

you can add any options to be shown in the admin page when creating the form

public static function getOptions(): array
return [
Toggle::make('options.is_required')->label(__('Is Required')),

and to apply these options to the field:

public function appendFilamentComponentsOptions($component, $zeusField)
parent::appendFilamentComponentsOptions($component, $zeusField);
if (isset($zeusField->options['is_required']) && $zeusField->options['is_required']) {
$component = $component->required();

disable options tab

if your field doesn't have any options you can disable the options tab by removing the method getOptions, or return false:

public function hasOptions(): bool
return false;

view the response

you can control how to present the response in the entries pages

public function getResponse($field, $resp): string
return $resp->response;