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renderhooks for your filament plugins
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renderhooks for your filament plugins

8 months ago Tags: zeus-news

if you're a filament plugin developer, there is an easy way to allow your users to customize your package views without having to publish them.

using the amazing feature that is already available in filament core: `RenderHook`.

 you can add this simple line in your blade file:

{{ Filament::renderHook('zeus-forms.before') }}

you can customize the hook name as you need.

now, everyone using your package will be able to use this hook the same as filament hooks:

Filament::registerRenderHook(     'zeus-forms.before',     fn (): View => view('filament.hooks.forms-before'),);


@zeus Bolt I added several hooks and they are available for you to customize your forms as you want, check them out.

 this way no need to publish the views files anymore, keep track of them, and update them with every release.

happy coding :)

 Photo by Sebastian Svenson on Unsplash