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Filament Glow: Tips & Tricks for FilamentPHP
image for Filament Glow: Tips & Tricks for FilamentPHP

Filament Glow: Tips & Tricks for FilamentPHP

3 weeks ago Tags: glow

Introducing Exciting New Features on Filament Glow!

last week I introduced Filament Glow.

Filament Glow, the go-to platform for sharing tips and tricks about FilamentPHP, has just launched a series of exciting new features. These enhancements are designed to make your experience even better and more seamless when participating in the Filament community.

Featured Image for Tricks: Now, alongside tips and tricks, users can showcase a featured image, adding visual appeal and context to their contributions.

Set Filament Version: Users can specify the version of Filament on which their trick works, ensuring that others can easily identify compatibility and relevance.

Improved Share Flow: Sharing your tips and tricks has never been easier, thanks to enhancements that streamline the sharing process and make it more intuitive.

Enhanced UI for Sharing: The platform now boasts a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface for sharing new tricks, making it a breeze to contribute to the community.

Overall UI Enhancements: The user interface of the site has been upgraded to improve navigation, readability, and overall user experience.

Expanded Filtering Options: Discovering and exploring new tricks is now a more personalized experience, with additional filtering options that allow users to easily access the content they are interested in.

With these new features, Filament Glow continues to evolve as a dynamic and engaging hub for FilamentPHP enthusiasts to connect, learn, and share their knowledge. Join us today and be a part of this vibrant community!

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