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Bolt Pro: Fully Integrated with Advanced Tables
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Bolt Pro: Fully Integrated with Advanced Tables

8 months ago Tags: bolt-pro - bolt

Bolt Pro Integration with Advanced Tables plugin: Supercharge your tables with powerful features like user customizable views

Advanced Tables (formerly known as Filter Sets) is a premium plugin for Filament that supercharges your tables with powerful features like user customizable views, enhanced filter tabs, reorderable columns, convenient view management, filter builder, and more.

At its core, Advanced Tables allows you to combine filters, grouping, toggled columns, and more into custom views that are just one click away. Users no longer have to rebuild their views each time they need to focus on a certain subset of their data. Advanced Tables gives your users fast access to the information they need.

With Advanced Tables, views can be set up in advance by the developer or they can be created on-the-fly by your end-users using Quick Save. With Advanced Table’s View Manager, your users will be able to conveniently create, apply, edit, share, and sort their views right from the resource or table.

Best of all, Advanced Tables works with all of your Filament tables including Resource Tables, Relation Managers, Table Widgets, and standalone Table Builder.

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Now, Advanced Tables is fully integrated with Bolt Pro to create powerful reports from your dynamic forms.

all you need is to grab your license and you're ready to use it with your dynamically created forms, filter your responses per field get more insight into your submissions, with advanced search, and you can save these views to use later and let your users customize the reports without any need for any codes.

Bolt Pro provides even more to its value, you will get more widgets to analyze your data, and get more accurate details on the users' submissions, there is also a preset, to let you create forms from pre-defined templates that accelerate the creation process.

another thing that Bolt Pro provides is an API for your forms, which makes it easier to expose your forms to the frontend stack.

Get your license for Bolt Pro now.