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Thunder Releases Notes

Thunder Releases Notes

Changelogs and Releases Notes for Thunder: Filament plugin to provide you with ticketing system. offices, chat, and Frontend Ready..


What's Changed

  • Bump dependabot/fetch-metadata from 2.1.0 to 2.2.0 by @dependabot
  • fix relation


What's Changed

  • prevent delete form if lked with office


What's Changed

  • fix delete
  • add arabic lang


What's Changed

  • fix sortable and searchable


What's Changed

  • if no response for some reason!


What's Changed

  • Bump dependabot/fetch-metadata from 2.0.0 to 2.1.0 by @dependabot
  • fix stallg thunder none default panel
  • fix is ternal office


What's Changed

  • Bump aglipanci/laravel-pt-action from 2.3.1 to 2.4 by @dependabot
  • change translation key from users to all_users


What's Changed

  • fix when usg thunder without sky


What's Changed

  • Bump dependabot/fetch-metadata from 1.6.0 to 2.0.0 by @dependabot
  • Fix show ticket and list offices


What's Changed

  • Bump ramsey/composer-stall from 2 to 3 by @dependabot
  • customizable comments editor toolbar buttons


What's Changed

  • support multiple filters for tickets


What's Changed

  • new phrases added, so make sure to update you language file.
  • new Abilities: TransferTicket, DeleteTicket (force delete).
  • new Operations: TRANSFER (transfer tickets between offices)
  • sort tickets by activities
  • list operations timele by date
  • check if the user can Access a ticket (allow only ticket owner, super adm or have access to the office) and you also can override this from the policies
  • fix bug: hide is-ternal offices from the frontend office list
  • you can delete any ticket: Ticket::deleteTicket(), this will also handle bolt form response and delete them


What's New Thunder:

  • A new migration file: add_read_at_to_comments
    • this will add a new column the comments table: 'read_at'
    • it will help show the count of new comments any tickets
    • you will need to publish the comments package configuration (if not already): php artisan vendor:publish --provider="BeyondCode\Comments\CommentsServiceProvider" --tag="config"
    • open the file config/comments.php and set the comment_class to
'comment_class' => \LaraZeus\Thunder\Models\Comment::class,

What else is New:

  • better UI for list tickets

  • removg the file resources/views/filament/columns/ticket-resource/user.blade.php if you're publishg the views, consider delete this file after the update.

  • renamg the file: resources/views/filament/comments.blade.php to resources/views/filament/ticket-comments.blade.php, case you have other packages like (athena)

  • added new phrases en.json

  • addg recordClasses now you will notice a border at the begng of each row Tickets list, this will dicates the priority of the ticket. for this to work you need to add the follog to your tailwd css config file './vendor/lara-zeus/thunder/src/Filament/Resources/TicketResource.php',

    base on feedback, I may remove the priority icon the future to make the table looks less busy.

  • the ticket status classes has been tweaked a little, if you're overridg this class check the difference the file src/Models/TicketsStatus.php

  • addg my tickets tab tickets lists.


What's Changed

  • fix migration


What's Changed

  • fix if time is null


What's Changed

  • fix widget scopes and dates, better UI


What's Changed

  • addg record Title Attribute for office and tickets resource


What's Changed

  • addg Globally Searchable Attributes configuration

you can configure the global search attribute per resource

        // you can return empty array to disable it
        FormResource::class => ['name']


What's Changed

  • fix boot sky if stalled


What's Changed

  • filament export

now you can export responses usg filament export and you can remove the fork for alperenersoy/filament-export


What's Changed

  • fix bootg thunder when it's not tegrated with sky


What's Changed

  • add missg translation and improve office FE UI


What's Changed

  • fix .json files


What's Changed

  • more translation


What's Changed

  • add missg translation and dates format


What's Changed

  • add missg translation
  • use the date and time format from filament Infolists
  • fix gettg the description show-office
  • fix settg the getUserFullNameAttribute
  • add getter for the Extension route
  • fix gettg the office and ticket model from the config
  • set sortg for forms and offices


What's Changed

  • Update en.json


What's Changed

  • now you can embed a ticket any LW component: <livewire:bolt.fill-form slug="feedback" extensionSlug="prters-department" le="true" />

  • you can customize the user Full Name Attribute to use any other column, but it had to be a database column so it wont effect the search

  • update the translation files, you can publish the files aga and update the missg keys


What's Changed

  • fixes to provide a better chat UI


What's Changed

  • ✅ Updated all dependencies.

  • Added a new attribute to TicketStatus sushi model:

    • Property: $protected
    • ⚠️ Note: If overwritg this model, ensure to add the new key.
  • Improved show ticket and chat UI.

  • Enabled super adm to have all abilities.

  • Added user card on chat when clickg on avatar and timele.

  • Fixed assigng permissions to users.

  • Protected certa ticket statuses from beg used manually by staff.

  • Refactored assigng mechanism.

  • Added a new migration to allow user_id to be nullable operations table.

    • ⚠️ Note: run the command: php artisan vendor:publish --tag=zeus-thunder-migrations and php artisan migrate
  • Improved tickets charts.

  • Implemented the ability to filter tickets by assignment.

  • Add new Tab to show escalated tickets

  • improve office options UI