Whats New with Bolt!
Whats New with Bolt!
2 months ago
Whats New with Bolt!

new updates and improvements for zeus bolt


Ash Monsh

These are the highlights from the recent updates to our package, the form builder Bolt.

  • Allow Conditional Visibility: show fields based on other field selections, read more.
  • Add French translation: thanks to jvkassi Bolt now support French translation by default.
  • Support Extensions: Bolt offer a simple way to build your application around the forms, with a simple interface called extensions, read more.
  • Embed the form as a livewire component: now you can embed any form in any page, it will look like this page, and it's simple as:

That's it for now, Happy coding everyone.

Photo by Zuza Gałczyńska on Unsplash