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Bolt Use Cases
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Bolt Use Cases

7 months ago Tags: bolt-pro - bolt

Zeus Bolt the form builder the self-hosted Google forms in your app, with so many use cases

Zeus Bolt is completely capable of most (for now) of the features available in Google Forms.

I started the idea at work in 2016. it allows different departments to create forms and allows our customers to send requests. Very simple, right?

Then comes the need to allow the employees to respond and chat with the customers. This makes us extend the forms to a ticketing system. The reason for integration with the forms is each department has different fields per form.

A few years later, we needed a reservation system, and again, each department needed custom fields depending on their needs and the job specification.

And, of course, we didn't stop there. We integrated the forms into an online curses system thanks to the pandemic.

Now forms, let each department create the fields they need and use them with other systems; one of the most significant systems we have is a workflow. It lets you define steps and actions and completely integrates with our organization charts.

We have more than 14K active forms, more than 490K tickets, and over half a million responses at work.

You can easily integrate Bolt with any application; check out the docs on implementing an Extension.

You can also make paid integration, as we made Thunder a simple ticketing system.